Flambe Fail

I was on a roll this morning after Blog Post #1, so I hunted around my books for something suitable.  In The Southern Cookbook I found a recipe for a “Rum Omelet” – basically, you make an omelet and flambe it in rum.  I don’t have any rum in the house, but I do have copious amounts of bourbon; I make egg white and cheddar omelets for breakfast most mornings, so I figured I’d douse it in whiskey and give it a go…

BAD IDEA.  First, the flames on the omelet plate didn’t really seem to take: there were a few flickers, then nothing visible.  When I poured some extra bourbon off to see if less liquid would help, I suddenly wound up with flames – in the sink!  This wasn’t an issue since my small kitchen fire was right under a water source, but I still had a boozy omelet on my hands.  It still wouldn’t light properly, so I ditched the rest of the liquor and just had a slightly bourbon-soaked omelet with ketchup.  Not too bad, actually…except for the fact that raw liquor for breakfast has a tendency to make one a liiiittle tipsy…


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